Vending Machines

Machine Malfunctions: 
Please report service related issues such as damage to machines, out-of-stock items, malfunctioning card readers, etc. to UAF Dining Services at

Reimbursement Requests:
If there is a problem with a machine and you need your money reimbursed, please visit the Office of the Bursar in Signer's Hall or contact Aurora Vending at 456-4488.

Comments, Questions, Concerns:
Would you like to share with us what you enjoy most and what changes you would like to see with vending machines on campus?
Click here to give vending machine feedback.

UAF Vending Machine Map

Machines Accepting PolarExpress Cards

Arctic Health Research Building
Brooks Building* (Snack machine only)
Bunnell Building* (Snack machine only)
Butrovich Building
Duckering Building
Eielson Building
Eileen Panigeo MacLean House
Engineering Building
Gruening Building
Hutchison Institute of Technology
Harper Building

Ice Arena* (Snack machine only)
Lathrop Residence Hall
McIntosh Hall Residence Hall
Moore/Bartlett/Skarland Residence Halls
Murie Building
Patty Gym
Rasmuson Library
Reichardt Building
Wickersham Residence Hall
Wood Center* (1st floor Beverage machine only)
UAF Community and Technical College
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