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Wood Center is a proud member of ACUI

Mission Statements       

Wood Center

Wood Center's mission is to develop the whole student by creating connections to UAF and the surrounding communities through a variety of programs, services & opportunities.

Wood Center Values

Inclusiveness - we foster an environment where all are welcomed and affirmed in a diverse community

Learning - we celebrate opportunities for self-discovery and the ongoing development of our students

Leadership- cultivating leaders through creating and supporting a rich variety of student leadership development opportunities

Innovation - we create new and memorable experiences through continuous improvement

Teamwork - we leverage individual strengths and team accountability to provide excellent experiences 

Tradition - Tradition starts here! We celebrate the Nanook Nation spirit and the traditions of our campus

Student Activities

It is the mission of the Student Activities Office to offer programs and services that balance the diverse educational, recreational, cultural, and social needs of the University of Alaska Fairbanks community and its visitors.

Student Leadership & Involvement

The mission of the Student Leadership & Involvement office is to cultivate effective leaders for Alaska by creating and supporting a rich variety of student leadership development opportunities, partnering with academic departments and the community, and recognizing successful student leadership.

Nanook Diversity & Action Center

To promote a community of inclusion, social justice, and cultural pluralism by providing educational programs that honor and support diverse and intersectional identities. To promote a campus free of violence, harassment, and abuse through the use of Green Dot and other prevention strategies.

The Pub

The mission of the Wood Center Pub is to offer the over 21 University community an informal, friendly, and safe atmosphere where students, faculty, staff, and alumni are able to socialize outside the classroom. It is also a venue for creative expression and informative presentations for the entire community.

Scheduling Office

The mission of the Wood Center Scheduling Office is to provide superior customer service for the scheduling needs of the students, faculty, staff, and anyone else using our facilities.


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