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2017 Scholarship breakfast

UAFAA scholarships

When you make a gift to any of the Alumni Scholarship Funds, you make a direct financial impact on students who attend UAF. You can make a gift to any scholarship fund by donating online. Please be sure to indicate which scholarship you'd like to support when asked “Where you would like your gift to go?” on the online form.

  • The UAF Alumni Association Scholarship  Undergraduate sophomores, juniors and seniors who are children of an active alumni association member are eligible. Scholarship recipients will demonstrate likelihood for alumni involvement after they graduate, have a GPA in the 2.5-3.5 range and display volunteerism efforts. Past awardees are encouraged to reapply.

    2016-2017 recipient: Holly Taylor

  • The Audrey Loftus Memorial Scholarship  Audrey Loftus, founding director of the UAFAA, was a determined university advocate and community supporter. In her honor, this scholarship is awarded to new first-year or transfer students who demonstrate experience in and future commitment to extracurricular or community involvement. Leadership skills and potential will be considered along with the applicant's commitment to UAF and/or Alaska. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or above.

    2016-2017 recipient: Nathaniel Nick Savel

  • The Jim Doogan Memorial Scholarship  Jim Doogan, a pioneer Alaskan who helped draft the Alaska Constitution, was an enthusiastic supporter of UAF. He built the alumni hamburger booth at the Tanana Valley State Fair and was an active member of the UAF Alumni Association. He was a member of the UAFAA Board of Directors when he died in 1997. He was given a Meritorious Service Award posthumously at the 1997 commencement ceremony. Eligibility: sophomore or above.

    2016-2017 recipient: Katie Roseberry

  • The Jay Hammond Memorial Scholarship  Jay Hammond, a 1949 graduate of UA and former two-term governor, was recognized as an Alaska statesman. Because of his many accomplishments, the Fairbanks chapter of the UAF Alumni Association and the UAFAA Board of Directors created this joint scholarship to honor students who exhibit leadership and a desire to make a difference in Alaska.

    2016-2017 recipient: Ryan DeCorso

  • The Fairbanks Chapter Legacy Scholarship  The Fairbanks Chapter of the UAFAA used proceeds from its annual hamburger booth at the Tanana Valley State Fair to establish this scholarship to benefit UAF students with a 3.5 GPA or above who are relatives of active, dues-paying members. Eligibility: sophomore or above.

    2016-2017 recipient: Juanita Esmailka


Congratulations to this year's scholarship winners!

Children, and in some cases other relatives, of current alumni association members are eligible to receive scholarships. Recipients of the UAFAA scholarships are selected by the volunteer alumni scholarship committee; recipients of the Fairbanks chapter scholarships are selected by the officers of the chapter. Recipients of these scholarships are recognized at the annual scholarship awards banquet in the spring, as well as during our reunion.

If interested in applying to receive a scholarship, please visit the Scholarship Page through the Financial Aid Office to learn more.

In addition to scholarships, the UAF Financial Aid Office offers a variety of financial assistance options.