Fine Arts

Mount Mckinley painting by Sydney Laurence
      Mt. McKinley by Sydney Laurence

Welcome to the University of Alaska Museum of the North Fine Arts Collection. The Museum collects and exhibits works of art from across cultures and historical periods, and currently includes over 4,000 works of art. Connecting past and present views of life in Alaska, the collection represents an invaluable record of Alaska's cultural richness and aesthetic diversity.

The major focus of the collection is art from Alaska - historic through contemporary - and is composed of all major mediums of visual expression. The Museum's art collection offers excellent opportunities to explore the history of human impact on and relationship with Alaska's diverse landscape and environment. The art collection has particular strengths in historic and contemporary landscape painting, the largest museum collection of creative photography in Alaska, contemporary Alaska Native art, and prints and works on paper from historic to contemporary.

To make full use of the art collection's potential, the Museum offers several art exhibitions annually, as well as education programs and public events. Visit the Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery on the Museum's upper level. The artistic legacy of Alaska is beautifully presented in a full-spectrum display of art from Alaska that balances the aesthetics of the gallery, the collections on display and the social impact of the museum experience. The collection also serves as an important resource for scholarly research in the art and history of Alaska, and is an excellent resource for classroom support in the study of drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.