Halloween at the Museum

**Halloween at the Museum will be cancelled this year due to university COVID guidelines.**

See bones, bugs, bats, and birds. Meet staff and learn about collections. Explore the galleries. Costumes encouraged! Bring a donation of canned food for the Fairbanks Community Food Bank.

Admission is free.

Meet Curators and Collection Managers

These public events offer an opportunity for the public to discover specimens from our collections. With over 2.2 million objects to care for, there's plenty to see.

ARCHAEOLOGY -  The collection includes more than 750,000 artifacts representing sites as old as 13,000 years and is a resource for studying human occupation of the Arctic.

EARTH SCIENCES - With  over 60,000 ancient items to see, including fossils, gems, and the world’s largest collection of polar dinosaurs, you're sure to discover something new.

ENTOMOLOGY -  The museum’s newest collection features specimens from Alaska and other regions, just a sample of the 8,000 species of insects in Alaska.

ETHNOLOGY & HISTORY - This  collection contains more than 14,000 objects made and used by Alaska Natives and more than 3,000 objects representing Alaska’s history.

FILM CENTER -  The Alaska Center for Documentary Film preserves the changing cultures of the North with more than 400 hours of material.

FINE ARTS -  Featuring m ore than 3,700 works of art representing Alaska’s cultural richness and aesthetic diversity.

FISHES -  The collection recently doubled with the transer of thousands of specimens from Southeast Alaska, including species from historic biological surveys and more recent fieldwork.

GENOMIC RESOURCES -  The frozen tissue collection in one of the largest of its kind in the world, featuring samples from specimens archived in all of our collections.

HERBARIUM -  The herbarium maintains a permanent record of Alaska’s flora with its collection of pressed dried plants – more than 223,000 specimens from Alaska and the Circumpolar North.

MAMMALOGY -  The mammal collection is the tenth largest in North America, with more than 100,000 specimens from Alaska Canada, and Russia representing both land and marine mammal species.

ORNITHOLOGY - The bird collection, with more than 24,000 specimens, is the word's largest of Alaska birds and includes many species from northwestern North American and eastern Asia.