Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a section of the federal law under the Higher Education Act that prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions. Many people have known it as a law requiring equal male-female representation in sports teams at U.S. colleges and universities, but it actually demands gender equity in all areas of colleges and universities that receive federal assistance.

The law states that "no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance." Therefore, Title IX forbids sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and violence, in all university student services and academic programs.

UAF, Title IX and you

When there's a report of sexual discrimination or misconduct, the university will:

  • stop the discrimination
  • provide remedies and other support
  • conduct a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation
  • take steps to prevent the recurrence of further discrimination

Supervisors and faculty must respond promptly to complaints of sexual harassment to determine what, if any, remedial action may be warranted. In resolving sexual harassment complaints, supervisors and faculty must seek advice and guidance from the Title IX coordinators or deputy coordinators.

Everyone at UAF — employees, students, and visitors — has the right to learn and work in safety and with dignity. We look out for each other.

Sexual harassment, sex discrimination, and Title IX

Title IX gives everyone the right to equality in education and employment.

No sexual harassment.

No sex discrimination.

Everyone at UAF has the right to be free from discrimination, unlawful harassment, sexual misconduct and violence. Student and employees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others. Violations will result in serious sanctions.

Sexual harassment is discrimination.

It includes:

  • Unwelcome sexual advances or contact
  • Gender stereotyping
  • Pressure for sexual favors
  • Relationship violence
  • Date rape
  • Non-consensual intercourse
  • Sexual assault

Notice of non-discrimination

The University of Alaska Fairbanks does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, physical or mental disability, marital status, pregnancy or parenthood.

Anti-harassment statement

The University of Alaska Fairbanks supports and promotes an environment where all community members are treated with common courtesy, compassion, dignity and respect. Every member of the university community has a right to a working and learning environment free of sex discrimination including sexual and gender-based harassment, assault and violence. Protection is extended to all students, employees and third parties including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) from sex discrimination.


Faculty and staff cannot promise confidentiality. They do not have special privileges to maintain the confidentiality of reports shared with them.

Students and employees who need to talk to someone confidentially should contact UAF Student Health and Counseling at 474-7043 or The Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living at 907-452-2293. See a full list of confidential disclosure contacts.

Employee responsibilities

All staff and faculty have the responsibility for helping make UAF a safe and welcoming community. If you know of an incident of sexual misconduct, you must report it to a member of the Title IX team.

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