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Research and Creative Activity Day

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

All UAF undergraduate students are invited to present their work on Research and Creative Activity Day, April 10, 2018. Research posters, presentations, displays and demonstrations of creative projects are welcome from every academic discipline. The event is held in the UAF Wood Center.

You do not need to be an URSA funded student to present - all undergraduate students are welcome.

Deans from each college and school will awarded Dean's Choice Awards along with $250 cash prizes to exceptional entries.

URSA offers FREE poster printing to undergraduate students!

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April 10, 2018

8:00 am - 10:00 am - poster and display set up, Wood Center lower level
10:00 am - 4:00 pm - posters and display viewing for the public
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm - judges will visit with students
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm -   reception and presentation of awards

Students should plan to drop off their work before 10:00 am and pick up after 4:00 pm.

JUDGING - students are requested to stand near their work between 12:00pm and 2:00 pm. The Deans or their representatives (the Judges)  will be viewing the posters and displays during that time and asking questions of the students.

POSTER PREPARATION - your first choice for help in creating your poster/presentation should be your faculty mentor.

$250 Dean's Choice awards will be presented for each college and school. There may be several awards for each college or school at the discretion of the Deans.

April 3 - In order to qualify for a Dean's Choice Award, you must submit a PDF of your poster (or a description of your display) as well as your abstract no later than April 3, 2018. The Deans will be reviewing this material before the event.

You are welcome to participate in Research and Creative Activity Day if you register after April 3, but we cannot guarantee the Dean in your college or school will consider your entry for an award.

Please be sure to register before the event so we can make sure their is space for your entry.


Free poster printing is available for undergraduate students participating in Research and Creative Activity Day April 10, 2018.

Students should send a pdf of their poster sized up to 36" x 48" to ursa.uaf@alaska.edu.  Posters are printed on matte poster paper. Please contact the URSA office for details.

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Poster Templates

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2017 Participants


College of Engineering and Mines

Katherine Aikens - Development of Women in STEM Fields
Katherine Aikens - Design Build Fly
Kate Clancy - Study the interaction of Water Tracks with Soil Piping to Prevent Future Subsidence in Alaskan Soils
Stormy Fields - Identifying Diatoms from Lake Sediments in Lost Lake, Alaska
Jonathan Gates - Development of an Accurate Method to Map Water Tracks using Remote Sensing and Soil Hydraulic and Geophysical Properties
Jacob Klaameyer, Joseph Rife, Chase Delatush and Brian Baart - LED Flashlight
Robert Miller - Deployable-Alaska-Research-Sail
Carie Navio - Alaska Research Cubesat 2
Leslie Bielski Petre - Water System Powered by Alternative Sustainable Energy Sources
Karlin Swearingen and Ryan Cain - Extended Season Greenhouse
Sage Tixier, Jonah Jeffries, Taylor Tompkins, Kyle Scarett, Kenley Scarlett, MIchael Fehrenbac and Paul Palombi Jr. - Collegiate Wind Competition 2017 Design

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Stephanie Jump - Bottom trawling for Chinook Salmon smolts in the Tanana River
Cynthia Nelson - Alaska Juvenile Salmon Anti-Predator Behavioral Response to Northern Pike

College of Liberal Arts

Lydia Arndt and Gabriel Cartagena - Understanding the Impact of Mental Health Outreach On Student Self-Efficacy to Approach and Engage in Mental Health Care Services
Ashley Blake and Catherine Stallings - Understanding the factors that impact UAF student veterans' academic and social success
Amanda Casterline - Costume Design: Beginning to End
Jenny Dale - Intimacy and Devotion: A Secular Inquiry into the Interpretive and Literacy Practices of a Jews for Jesus Bible Study Group
Shealyn Golden - Determining Visual Field based on Osteological Measurements of Human and Non-Human Primate Crania
Antonio Hamilton - All Paths Lead to Judith: The Transformation from the Pagan Tradition to the Christian Religion in The Beowulf Manuscript
Joseph Jackson - "Lure of the Grayling" Documentary Film
Lindsey Klueber - Scientific Illustration: Art in the Service of Science
Vika Leque - Evolution of Kanji
Ema Lerma - A qualitative study on school psychologists and teachers concerning how effective the existing programs are and missing resources needed for behavior and conduct issues in the classroom
Aleksandra Milanovic - Bored out of this world?
Angelina Rotermund - Assisting environmental mercury research at UAF through Spanish-English translation and interpretation
Shaylee Shockley and Sara Williams - Fairbanks Community Restorative Justice Program
McKenzi Topp - Construction of Christ
Daniel Walker - Reel Therapy
Aaron Walling - Game On: Testing the effectiveness of virtual reality (VR) as a speech anxiety reducing tool

College of Natural Science and Mathematics

Reyce Bogardus - Assessing Tsunami Vulnerability in Larsen Bay, Alaska via Structure-from-Motion Derived Elevation Data
Noah Boone - Digital Reconstruction of a new marine reptile from Oregon
Bryan Bosserman - Cretaceous-Paleogene Impact Breccia Isotopic Analysis Timothy Bouta - Project DIMAC: Detecting Iodine Monoxide Above the Arctic Circle
Tim Bouta - Project DIMAC: Detecting Iodine Monoxide Above the Arctic Circle
Anastasia Butler - Understanding Range Expansion of Bird Vetch in Interior Alaska
Colin Campbell - Determination of Metabolic Pathway in Response to Cycling Versus Vinyasa Yoga
Ana Carrasco - Application of Next Generation Sequencing Technology in the detection of Hepatitis C Infection in Alaska
Sean Counihan - Optimization of the Power Grid
Sara Ewers - Does natural organic matter redox potential and reactivity in pore water vary between open and closed taliks?
Rebecca Gever - Does serum vitamin D explain a shift in mental cognition in trained cross country skiers in the circumpolar North?
Jonathan Gonzalez - Sulfolane degradation in extreme environments
Telayna Gordon - How continental crust grows: a field study of the Talkeetna Arc, southern Alaska
Adam Haberski - A key to the Orthoptera of Alaska
Adam Haberski and Megan McHugh - Active nest sites of Olive-sided Flycatchers (Contopus cooperi) in central Alaska have greater insect diversity than historical sites
Harrison Hartle - Influence of drift-wave dispersion on coherent vortex states in a two-dimensional turbulence model
Harrison Hartle - Green's Function Approach to Initial Value Problem for Nonlinear Shallow Water Equations
Benjamin Hedges - Characterization of putative hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria from a diesel-contaminated phytoremediation site in Kaltag, Alaska
Elva House - The effects of different incubation periods on pharyngeal pumping in Caenorhabditis elegans associated with the interaction between nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and the active binding portion of rabies virus glycoprotein.
Connor Ito - Barcoding of Ancient Nematode DNA to Infer Climate Change Between 10,000-60,000 Years Ago
Alexandra Keller - Testing the Effects of the Changing pH from Alaskan Microbiome on Subsistence Berries
Tandi Marth -  Effects of CB1 receptor antagonist and agonist exposure on compulsive-like behaviors in OCD mouse model
Madeline McCarthy - Widespread Antibiotic Resistance in a Fairbanks Permafrost Thaw Gradient
Monica Mikes - Analysis of the hibernation model via metabolic comparisons of free range to laboratory Urocitellus parryii
Cecelia Missik - The Effects of Iron II/III on Dissolved Organic Matter
Kiana Mitchell - Quantifying the Metal(loid) Bioaccessibility of Reacted Boiler Slag and Fly Ash in the Arctic
Renee Nowicki - Alaskan Ant Biodiversity: Identification Key, Maps, and DNA Barcoding Viktorija Podlutskaya - DNA Repair in Virally Infected Cells
Alisha O'Brien - Building novel organometallic platinum compounds to reduce toxicity and overcome resistance in cancer treatment
Michaela Pye - Proximate Liver Analysis of Pine Marten in Interior Alaska Amir Raz - Tsunami Waves in Asymmetric Narrow Bays
Olivia Rhines - Click chemistry: probing interactions of ursolic acid with proteins Luke Rogers - Social Class, Space Use, and Behavior of Captive Wood Bison
Luke Rogers - Social Class, Space Use, and Behavior of Captive Wood Bison
Vanessa Santana-Miranda - This project studied alternations in neuronal pathways caused by caffeine in a non-induced mouse model of obsessive compulsive disorder.  
Fern Spaulding - Estimating Gene Flow Between Asia and North America in the teal Anas crecca, an Avian Influenza (AI) Vector
Elise Stacy - Expanding Interior Alaskan Marten Population Genetics Study
Hannah Starbuck - Hair cortisol concentrations of Alaskan Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) from the North Slope oilfield
Jacob Sterle - Physiological extractions of metal(loid)s from coal ash in interior Alaska
McKenzie Sweeney - Fluoxetine-induced behavioral outcomes in lactation mediated alterations in brain and peripheral serotonin in a non-induced mouse model of OCD
Riley Troyer - Neutral wind behavior in the lower and middle thermosphere above two locations in Antarctica
Roger Vang - Change in haptoglobin concentrations in Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) and environmental exposure to mercury: chemical assay interference?
David Warner - Characterization of Solid-Phase Transformations of Boiler Slag during Leaching
Lauren Whitt - Identifying plant families in ancient environmental DNA from permafrost using DNA barcoding
Sarah Williamson - Numerical Modelling of a Sliding Ice Sheet
Alex Wynne - Does permafrost thaw alter methane cycling via a shift in the microbial community Composition?
Giulia Zedda - Species delimitation in a small mammal from Madagascar, the mouse-eared tenrec (Geogale aurita)

College of Rural and Community Development

Christina Edwin - A Digital Story: Tl’eegho baabe’ Life, Foods, and Practices of Traditional Harvests in the Native Village of Koyukuk
Loni Weggel - Analysis of Factors that influences Talkativeness among adults

School of Education

Jordan Wilson - Parent Involvement with Low Socioeconomic and Minority Families

School of Management

Esul Chafin - The 80/20 Experience: An analysis of NHL salaries and why ice hockey is the ultimate team game

School of Natural Resources and Extension

Kimberly Diamond - Factors Impacting Dormancy and Viability of Prunus Padus Seeds
Jessica Herzog - Trophic Niche Partitioning between Male and Female Golden Eagles in Western Alaska
Trisha Levasseur - Recreation and Travel Across Federally Managed Lands in Alaska: Analysis of Mangement Meeting Informational Needs of Visitors
Zoe Marshall - Vegetative Propagation of Four Northern Berry Species to Promote Sustainable Fruit Production in Alaska
Zoe Marshall - Exploring Potential of Sustainable Agriculture in Alaska
Kelly Schmitz - Impact of High Percentage Willow Diet on Reindeer Calf Growth


Congratulations to all the students that participated - it was a great event!

Dean's Choice Awards

College of Community and Rural Development
Loni Weggel
Analysis of Factors that influence talkativeness among adults

College of Engineering and Mines
Group project- Sage Tixier, Jonah Jeffries, Taylor Tompkins, Michael Fehrenbach, Kenley Scarlett, Kyle Scarlett, Paul Palombi, Jr.
A design project to build a 10 Watt wind turbine

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Stephanie Jump
Use of a modified trawl net to sample the entire water column of the Tanana River >1.2 m in the middle of the river to examine whether Chinook salmon smolts use relatively deep portions of large rivers during their outmigration

College of Liberal Arts
Aleksandra Milanovich, Psychology
Current study examined roles of boredom proneness, self-determination, intrinsic motivation, gender, and a task (boring vs. engaging), on persons’ experience of boredom.



College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Amir Raz
Modeling the runup of long waves in asymmetric narrow bays using the cross-sectionally averaged shallow water equations. The results were compared to a full 2-D verified numerical solver.

School of Education
Jordan Wilson
A case study examining ways current teachers are effectively involving low socioeconomic and minority parents

School of Management
Esul Chafin
Application of Pareto's 80/20 rule to see if the top 20% NHL salaried players within a 5 year-span performed 80% of the league's scoring

School of Natural Resources and Extension
Jessica Herzog
Understanding intraspecific competition between male and female Golden Eagles, to help provide a better understanding of niche partitioning and how niche partitioning may change in relation to climate change

Overall Awards

First Place Overall
Jessica Herzog

Second Place Overall
Amir Raz

Third Place Overall
Stephanie Jump

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