Our mission and goals


We are dedicated to helping veterans get the resources they need to be successful in a classroom environment. We provide comprehensive support to student-veterans and their families in an atmosphere of respect for their service to the nation with the aim of off-setting any disadvantages incurred as a result of their sacrifices. We are committed to helping the veteran community achieve academic excellence while at the university and occupational success once they leave. Through education, administrative services, job advisement, and community outreach, we hope to further the cause of veterans on our campus and beyond.


  • To maintain and enhance the university's reputation as a veteran-friendly institution in a state with more veterans per capita than any other.
  • To increase the admission, retention, and graduation rates of veterans.
  • To make the Veterans Resource Center an accessible resource to all Fairbanks veterans and the active military communities of Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base.
  • To act as a liaison for veterans to university services (disability, student support) as well as Fairbanks community services and to area military communities.
  • To advocate on behalf of student-vets, dependents, and active military in university matters.
  • To provide a place for veterans to relax and learn about benefits, opportunities, and community events.
  • To increase access to higher education and VA benefits for Alaska's veterans and their families.