Space Scheduling

Allow time to plan an event. The earlier you start, the more likely you are to secure your preferred venue on a particular date and realize a successful event. Never set a final date and advertise location without securing the space first. Time allows questions and concerns to be properly resolved before the event.


UAF is proud to host various meetings and events on campus. To help guide you on the event process and allow for institutional support, you may need to fill out the Public Events Form. This form allows us to ensure your event is safe, successful, and fully supported. In addition to the Public Events Form, you will also need to reserve space for your event. That process varies across campus but there will be links provided in the 'Explore spaces on campus...' section to follow.

Additional forms may be required but completing the Public Events Form and reserving the space are the two most critical steps.

Use the information below to determine if you need to complete the Public Events Form based on your event’s sponsorship. If any one of the criteria is met, the Public Events Form needs to be completed.

 Which events need the Public Events Form?

Events requiring completion of the Public Events Form

  • Any event that’s open to the public or includes attendees who are not part of your department/organization.
  • Any event/meeting that will have non-university attendees involved.
  • Any event/meeting that could potentially have 50 or more attendees.
  • Any event/meeting you want to be publicized on campus.
  • Any event/meeting that will have anyone under 18 years of age present.

Events that do not require completion of the Public Events Form.

  • Any closed meeting/training with less than 50 attendees. This includes but is not limited to club meetings/practices, thesis defense, study groups, and tutoring.
  • Tabling at Wood Center.

Events that do not require completion of the Public Events Form.

  • Tabling at Wood Center.
  • Closed meeting/training of less than 50 (FUA may be required).

All other events or training by outside groups require the completion of the Public Events form and the completion of the Facilities Use Agreement. Approval from the Events Committee, in specific UFD and EHSRM, may be required.

Terms & Best Practice


Rows of chairs facing the front with or without aisles.
Commonly used for: Presentations, movies, performances, or conferences.  


Rows of rectangular tables with chairs behind them facing the front with or without aisles. Often rows are straight, or chevroned as they are below.
Commonly used for: Conferences, training, information sessions, or instructio


Rows of round tables, often staggered, with chairs around them.
Commonly used for: Dinners/lunches , meetings with group work activities, dances.  


Tables arranged in a hollow U, square or rectangle with seats around the outside to facilitate a large face to face meeting.
Commonly used for: Meetings, audio-conferences, group work/study, lunch.
Sometimes referred to as round table for large groups.

  • It’s never too early to start planning! Space may not be available to rent more than a year out or even less in some locations but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning. Get a list of questions together and start asking as early as you can. The more time you have to plan the better.
  • If you don’t know, ask! There are many resources around campus and if our office doesn’t know, we can point you in the right direction.
  • Don’t work harder than you have to! Very large events may require multiple people to help orchestrate, each with very specific tasks. Having one person in charge of planning an event allows for the most informed decision making in the planning process. If that’s not an option at least clearly define roles to ensure multiple people aren’t working on the same task.
  • If you need something changed, put it in writing! Be sure to put requests in for changes via email. You have an email to follow up on and whoever you’re reaching out to has a line back to you that’s clear as day.
  • Don’t forget to advertise! If you want attendance to an event, you need to advertise. Contact Wood Center Graphics for all your advertising needs and if you’re doing it yourself, be sure to follow UAF University Relations guidelines.

Wood Center Scheduling

Wood Center Scheduling reserves 50+ classrooms and also schedules conference room and multi-purpose event space in the Wood Center. University departments, clubs, and organizations are permitted to use classroom space free of charge if it is for a university sponsored meetings. Wood Center does not charge university departments, clubs or organizations rental but setup fees may apply as all setup for events in Wood Center must be completed by Wood Center Scheduling staff. All scheduling of classrooms and Wood Center space through Wood Center Scheduling is done through 25Live.

Wood Center no longer accepts regular meeting requests in our multi-purpose space (including the Ballroom, Conference Room CD and Conference Room EF). This space is still available for individual meetings, scheduled no more than a week in advance, and special events. If classroom space will not work, reach out to Wood Center Scheduling directly to discuss other options.

**UPDATE 7/2021** Policy 04.06.200 is till in effect as we move towards pre-COVID operations. AdAstra is going away and will be replaced by 25Live. Please log into 25Live with your UA credentials as all future request will go through 25Live NOT AdAstra. Please reach out to for questions related to requesting events piror to submitting the request form but after logging into 25Live w/ your credentials.

1) Log into the above 25Live and click Create Event.
2) When searching for space in Wood Center type WOOD into the location search bar.
3) When seraching for classrooms use the pre-saved search for General Usage Classrooms to access all reservable academic classrooms.
4) Do NOT deviate from the above search filters unless you know exactly who controls a room you are looking for. If it is not in the pre-saved filter, the room you're requesting may not be requestable.
5) If you have any questions please reach out to Wood Center Scheduling at


Below you fill find information on classroom space as well as Wood Center spaces. Classroom space listed on this stie indicates COVID capacities and 25Live indicates non-covid capacities.  

Theater Seating Classroom Seating Banquet Seating Meeting Seating
100 60 56 40

CD Standard pic

  • Room 204
  • 1210 sqft
  • In house sound system with 2 mic's available.
  • 1 built in projector and screen
  • 1 wall mounted monitor at back of room
  • WiFi required to connect to all devices.

Theater Seating Classroom Seating Banquet Seating Meeting Seating
80 50 40 32

EF standard

  • Room 205
  • 970 sqft
  • In house sound system with 2 mic's available.
  • 1 built in projector and screen
  • 1 wall mounted monitor at back of room
  • WiFi required to connect to all devices.

Ballroom Theater Classroom Banquet Round Banquet Rectangular Fair 10'x10' Booths Tight Fair 8'x6'Booths
podium 140 70 80 100    
no stage 280 140 160 260 20 booths 46 tables/booths
w/ 8'x12' stage 240 120 138 208 18 booths 40 tables/booths
BRCD w/ stage 360 185 208 328 27 45
BRCDEF w/ stage 500* 225 272 408* 32 56

 *May require ordering addtional chairs from Facilities Services if total chairs exceeds 400.

Ballroom Theater Classroom Banquet Round Banquet Rectangular Fair 10'x10' Booths Tight Fair 8'x6'Booths
podium 140(2.5) 70(3) 80(2.5) 100(3)    
no stage 280(9)** 140(6.5) 160(5) 260(8) 20 booths(5) 46 tables/booths(7.5)
w/ 8'x12' stage 240(8.5)** 120(6) 138(5) 208(7) 18 booths(4) 40 tables/booths(7)
BRCD w/ stage 360(14.5)** 185(10.5) 208(8) 328(12) 27(6.5) 45(9)
BRCDEF w/ stage 500(18)** 225(12) 272(12.5) 408(17) 32(7) 56(10.5)

**Theater seating over 200 requires chairs to be bound together which significantly increases setup times.

Estimates are for set up of tables, chairs, and skirting when appropriate but do not include charges for: event staffing,   additional labor changes to setup, additional equipment, or other charges that may be incurred by customer request.

Ballroom and CDEF (largest space available)

  • Room 209
  • 3390 sqft
  • In house sound system with 4 mic's available.
  • 2 built in projectors and screens.
  • 1 wall mounted monitor near back of room
  • WiFi required to connect to all devices.

 The Wood Center Mall and Multi-Level Lounge (MLL) is often set up as a lounge for students but does have the flexibility to become an event space if needed. During the week clubs, departments, or outside groups are able  to have reserve booth space in the mall but the mall and MLL can be reserved to host large fairs of up to 30 8's tables.

Classrooms may be scheduled from 8am-10pm 7 days a week during Spring/Fall Semester

Classrooms may be requested for an entire semester but not multiple semesters.

  1. Requests for Spring will be accepted December 1st of the previous year.
  2. Requests for Summer will be accepted May 1st.
  3. Requests for Fall will be accepted August 1st.
  4. Classroom requests are subject to change (See: C.b.iv of Wood Center Scheduling Policy)

Room  Capacity
 103 13
104A 11
104B 7
302 13

Room  Capacity
313 13
410 10

Room  Capacity
 104 18
106 24

Room  Capacity
252 34
306 10
341 15
342 19
347 12
352 13
354 15
406 13

Room  Capacity
Schaible 50
301 40
305 35
301/305 75

Room  Capacity
 202 25
203 12
204 13
205 18
301 19
303 15
304 12
306 8
307 19
401 12
402 16
405 19
408 27
409 28
410 19
413 26

Room  Capacity
 138 6
165 7
201 ??
202 18
203 13
204 10
207 8



Other Space on Campus

The BP Design Theatre  is managed by the Alaska Center for Energy and Power and can be reserved by calling 907-474-5402 or following the department link for further contact information.

The International Arctic Research Center (IARC)  has various conference rooms available and is located on upper campus. Check their website here for policies and to reserve the space.

Best used for:

  • Departmental/group meeting
  • Study groups
  • Thesis defense
  • Seminars
  • Educational/cultural activities appropriate for the space.


  • Only for valid UA staff/student/faculty.
  • Must be UAF sponsored and related to IARC mission.
  • NO classes, social events, receptions or vendors permitted. 

The Institute of Arctic Biology (IAB) may have space available for events or activities related to institutional research. Please see their website for more information.

Best used for:

  • Departmental meetings.
  • Thesis defense
  • Seminars or other science related activities


  • No meetings over 50.
  • Space is limited and specialized.

Board of Regents Conference Room - This space may be available on short notice but BOR holds priority and you do have the potential to be bumped. Reach out directly to BOR directly via email at if all other spaces are unavailable.


  • No meetings over 75.
  • Can get displaced if space is needed by BOR.
  • Can't reserve more than a few weeks in advance.

The Rasmuson Library has 11 conference rooms of various sizes and capibility that can be viewed from their website here.

Best used for:

  • Departmental/group meeting
  • Study groups
  • Thesis defense
  • Seminars
  • Educational/cultural activities appropriate for the space. 


  • No available for commercial/non-UAF events.
  • Not intended as an event space.
 UA Users go to the GI Intranet site and log in using UA credentials when prompted. Once you're logged in, return to the site you will see additional links for UA users. 

Best used for:

  • Departmental/group meeting
  • Thesis defense
  • Seminars
  • Events aligning with Geophysical Institute directive. 


  • No available for commercial/non-UAF events.
  • Not intended as an event space.
  • Meetings, conferences or presentations only.
Residence life offers booking of the Hess Recreaction center and has conference rooms available on-site. During fall and spring semester, space is optimal for students trying to host on campus events or meetings

Best used for:

  • Group meeting
  • Study groups
  • Dances
  • Trainings/events for students
  • Educational/cultural activities. 

UAF Theater & Film manages the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre. For further information on requesting the space please visit their website here or call 907-474-7231.

Best used for:

  • Performances.
  • Studio space for video production.

The Murie Building has a large auditorium (150), multiple classrooms and multiple conference rooms. Please reach out to the Biology and Wildlife Office Manager at 907-474-6294 for more information.

Best used for:

  • Departmental/group meeting
  • Study groups
  • Thesis defense
  • Seminars
  • Educational/cultural activities appropriate for the space. 


Not every event requires the Public Events Form but it is is important enough that it merritts it's own step in the process. See the first section if you're still unsure whether you need to fill this out or not.

Always reserve space or begin the reservation process before completing the Public Events Form.

Determining room arrangements through our office will be simplified if you plan in advance how you want the room to look. Include what elements you feel are necessary to achieve your event goals. Consider items such as food tables, staging, sound equipment, and dance floor, etc. We can guide you through this process.

See types of room layouts and pre-approved layouts.

The scheduling office schedules 50 +classrooms and multipleoutdoor spaces and a new spiritual space. We have rooms designed to hold from 16 up to 250 people.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Normal turn around time Monday-Friday is within 48 hours (2 business days)

If you have not received your confirmation in 48 hours, please call the Scheduling Office at 907-474-6023, or e-mail us

Finals Week:

We do not schedule classroom during finals week. The library may have rooms open or you can try to find a room that is not a classroom.

Space Availability Outside Wood Center

Requesting hours outside normal operation may or may not be approved. Holding events during published business hours is the best way to ensure you get what you ask for.

For RSO's, classrooms and spiritual space  may be requested the start of the month prior to semester start. For instance fall classes starting in September may not be requested prior to August 1st.

  • Any request received outside that time frame will not be honored.
  • Requests will then be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
  • Within the first 2 to 3 weeks of a semester classrooms are subject to academic override and any club/org/department may be displaced by a class. Academics holds priority in academic space but we will work with any group to reschedule or relocate to alternative spaces if your department or RSO is displaced.

Standard setups are available free of charge to UA affiliated departments/groups for all Wood Center conference rooms CD & EF Monday - Friday. The conference rooms and the ballroom may require a 2HR setup/teardown charge for ALL users internal and external depending upon the requested setup.

Setups in the Mall, Multi-Level Lounge, or Exhibit area requiring more than one table and 4 chairs will incur charges.

Classroom space is free of charge and comes "as is" unless arrangements are made directly with Facilities Services.

Scheduling request for Wood Center may be made no more than one year in advance for any student club/organization. Departments may, upon approval, schedule more than a year in advance.

Wood Center Building & Scheduling Policy

Wood Center Space

Conference rooms CD

Conference Rooms CD

Standard setup: meeting

Seating for 40

Space for catering/handouts in back.

Pricing based on affiliation.

Conference Room EF

  Conference Rooms EF

Standard setup: classroom

Seating for 44

Tables for catering/handouts

Pricing based on affiliation.

Carol Brown Ballroom

 Carol Brown Ballroom

Standard setup: empty

Theater style seating and multiple other options available. Most versatile space in building.

Other seating setups

Pricing based on affiliation, labor required.

Ballroom and CDEF (largest space available)

Ballroom and CDEF (largest space available)

Standard setup: none, always requires setup to combine spaces.

Example: Chinese New Year, large banquets >300, dance, very large ceremony.

Pricing based on affiliation, labor required.


Commercial booth space

Commercial booth space

Booth spaces are available for local businesses Tuesday through Thursday during the academic year.  Come in and promote your business! 

For-Profit, non-affiliate booth $100 per day
Non-affiliate fundraising, non-commercial booth $50 per day
Non-profit fundraising booth $30 per day
Non-affiliate booth (including political booths) $30 per day
Non-profit information booth $15 per day
University Department (up to 4 booths) $20 per day
University Department (informational use) FREE!  
Student booth space

 RSO booth space

Registered UAF student organizations are encouraged to have a booth space once a week for student club recruitment, event advertising, and fundraising. Booth spaces are available Tuesday through Thursday on a regular basis and can be schedule Mondays and Fridays for special events. See Wood Center Scheduling for details!
UAF department booth space

 UAF Departmental  booth space

Departments are permitted to schedule a single booth space on weekdays free of charge. Requests for multiple booths may result in additional charges or setup charges.


  • UAF contracts with Chartwell's to provide anyone visiting or living on campus a quality culinary experience. All catering can be ordered online and the link for ordering can be found on Dining Services website here
  • Other  useful forms such as the Food and Beverage Application (required for events with food/drink not being purchased through Catering) as well as the Alcohol Beverage Application can be found here.
  • Hours of operation, regular menu items, and the most up to date dining information can be found on the same site here.
Sometimes when working with outside groups that are not being directly sponsored by a university entity, groups are required to complete the Facilities Use Agreement. This may not be required for all event and IS NOT to be completed prior to being instructed to do so.

If you are using Wood Center for your event, chances are that we will have tables, chairs, and the equipment that you need to facilitate your event.

If you need poster boards, or other equipment/things that Wood Center cannot provide you may need to reach out to Facilities Services and submit an Electronic Work Order Request Form or EWORF through their website. If you're filling out an EWORF be sure you've completed the Public Events Form as well since event-related EWORF's may not be approved unless the Public Events Form has been submitted. 

Parking on campus can be difficult if you aren't familiar with the area but Parking Services Website gives you all the tools you need so you can find parking on campus AND avoid getting a ticket from parking where not permitted.

Resources specific to event parking can be found here. Including  parking rates, how to obtain a permit, and links to campus maps so you can determine which lots are most convenient based on the location of your event or meeting.

Student clubs and organizations that have completed the registration process and have been approved can schedule rooms for club meetings (subject to reservation policies for specific facilities).

Clubs/Orgs Pre-recognition Period and Re-recognition:

Pre-recognition Period: 
When a new group is forming they are permitted to schedule 2 meetings before the club is fully formed. Request such meetings as Club Organizational Meetings and know that those are the only meetings that are able to be schedule until fully recognized. Pre-existing clubs, not currently recognized, may not schedule.
Clubs/Orgs must get re-recognized each fall semester. Therefore, annual reservations for large one-time events will be accepted throughout the year for no more than 1 year in advance. Furthermore, any reservation made for the next fall or spring are subject to cancellation and release of space if the club in question does not get re-recognized by the re-recognition deadline.

For more information on public use of facilities of university facilities, please refer to the Board of Regents Policy, P05.12.090. Public Use of Facilities.

For more information on UAF policy on campus access for non-commercial solicitation by private individuals or organizations.



Contact Wood Center Scheduling, at or 907-474-6023.


 The authorized use of university space by an organization does not imply endorsement by the university of the organization, or its views, goals or objectives. Rather, it reflects the university’s commitment to a campus environment supportive of free expression through reasoned discourse, or, in some cases, merely a rental of space at standard rates.