Guidelines for Post-Tenure Review for United Academics Faculty

NOTE: Preparation of the Comprehensive Activities Report for the AY17-18 review files can be done using the Word document below (see Part III; CES faculty have a different report also set out below) to supplement any review years not in F180.

All faculty undergoing post-tenure review in AY17-18 must submit their review binder as scheduled, and shall also submit their Annual Activity Report for AY16-17 via Faculty 180 by October 2, 2017.

Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review:
Tenured faculty members shall be evaluated comprehensively every six years by peer faculty members and administrators.  These evaluations shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures set forth in the University of Alaska Fairbanks Policies and Regulations for the Appointment and Evaluation of Faculty and Article 9.2.5 of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the University of Alaska and United Academics-AAUP/AFT.  Faculty undergoing 6th Year Post-Tenure Review ("Comprehensive" Post-Tenure Review) are required to submit a file for the period under review.

A satisfactory comprehensive post-tenure review will conclude when the overall recommendations by the unit-peer review committee and the dean and/or director are satisfactory.  An unsatisfactory comprehensive post-tenure review will proceed through to the university-wide committee and the provost when the recommendation(s) of the unit-peer review committee or the dean and/or director are unsatisfactory.  The review may proceed to the chancellor only at the request of the faculty member.

Faculty members electing to stand for promotion during a scheduled comprehensive post-tenure review year may decide whether to submit one file to serve both review types, or to submit two files (one for each review type).  If submitting one review file, prepare it according to the promotion file instructions but note that it is a promotion and comprehensive post-tenure review file.

More information on the 6th Year Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review process can be found below via the link titled "Part I: Process and Procedures." 

When am I up for post-tenure review?

Date of Last Tenure or Post-Tenure Review Next Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review
2009-10 2015-16
2010-11 2016-17
2011-12 2017-18
2012-13 2018-19
2013-14 2019-20
2014-15 2020-21
2015-16 2021-22

NOTE: The third-year Dean's review was eliminated under the terms of the current UNAC collective bargaining agreement (effective January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2016).

Materials, Process, Schedule, and more

The following documents are designed to help you through the Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review process.  "Part I" is an overview of the process and procedures for the Comprehensive Post-Tenure Review process at UAF.  "Part II" contains instructions and suggestions for the preparation of your review file.  "Part III" contains the required forms and materials for your review file.

Part I: Process and Procedures

Part II: Suggestions for File Preparation

Part III: Appendix of Required Forms and Materials

Comprehensive Activities Report Form for CES Faculty

Best Practices

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