Virtual Early Explorers: Light

October 2020's theme was Light!

A child looks at their shadow on the sidewalk.

 Photo by Arek Socha on Pixabay.


The links are all PDF documents.

 Child holding a toy camera and smiling.


Make a Toy Camera: Discover light and photography with a toy camera.

Build a (Glowing) Jellyfish: Make your own bioluminescent jellyfish.

Make a Snowflake Suncatcher: Explore sunlight and snow while practicing beading.

 Model sundial; a pencil casting a shadow over a paper circle.

Exploration Activities:

Photography Scavenger Hunt: Practice being a photographer.

Create a Sundial: Explore how to tell time with the help of the Sun.

Seal Oil Lamp Coloring Sheet: Discover a historical way to light homes during Arctic winter nights.

 Children playing with a homemade light box.

Sensory Activities:

Make Your Own Light Box: Play with light and colors with a homemade sensory experience. Watch a how-to video here!

 Watch a how-to video from a museum educator:



For activities designed for kids ages 6-12, go to our Virtual Junior Curators page.


Images by Elisabeth Padilla.


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