Virtual Early Explorers: Northern Skies

December 2020's theme was Northern Skies!

Drawing of a child looking at the night sky with a telescope.

Image by 政徳 吉田 on Pixabay.


The links are all PDF documents.

 Pastel colored paints on a piece of cardboard, next to a piece of paper painted to look like a winter sunrise.


Paint the Winter Sunrise: Explore and paint the winter sunrise with pastel colors.

Aurora Chalk Art: Create your own artwork inspired by the northern lights.

Straw Painting the Sun: Explore the dynamic sun through the fun of straw painting.

 Child's hands holding a magnet over a several paper clips on a paper plate.

Exploration Activities:

Discover Magnets: Explore how magnets work, and their connection to the aurora.

Tracing Constellations: Connect the dots to form pictures in the stars.


 Dish of white ice cream with multicolored sprinkles on top. A child's hands are in the background.

Sensory Activities:

Make Snow Ice Cream: Celebrate snow falling from the sky with a tasty recipe. Watch a how-to video here!

Starry Sky Projector: Enjoy watching starry lights with a homemade projector.

 Watch a how-to video from a museum educator:



Images by Elisabeth Padilla.


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