Virtual Early Explorers: Solar System

September 2020's theme was the Solar System!

A model solar system laid out on the floor, with balls representing the sun and planets.


The links are all PDF documents.

Hand holding a circular shadow puppet in front of a yellow circle representing the Moon.


Make a Katherine Johnson Cut-Out (courtesy of NASA): Learn about the pioneering NASA trailblazer.

Moon Shadow Play: Explore the phases of the Moon with hands-on play. Watch a how-to video here!

Make a Planet Mask: Explore the eight planets in our Solar System.

Make a Model Solar System: Build your own model to discover our Solar System.

Red liquid bubbling out of a jar on top of a pile of gravel.

Exploration Activities:

Volcano Experiment: Explore Earth’s hot core with this outdoor science experiment.

How Many Moons?: Explore the Solar System’s moons through counting and beading.

Night Sky Planet Watch: Enjoy looking for planets in the night sky.

Solar System Matching Game: Discover the Solar System with a matching game.

Child smiling at the camera and holding up paint-covered hands.

Sensory Activities:

Make a Sun Out of Leaves: Enjoy the autumn sunshine with this outside activity.

Moon Sand: Explore textures, shapes, and patterns with hands-on Moon fun.

Puffy Paint Planets: Explore colors and textures. Watch a how-to video here!

Make Asteroids You Can Eat (courtesy of NASA):  Discover asteroids with a delicious snack!

Stars in a Sensory Bottle: Relax and imagine the solar system in a vast universe. Watch a how-to video here!


 Watch how-to videos from museum educators:


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Image Credits: 
Solar System Model: Gail Priday.
All others: Elisabeth Padilla.

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