Virtual Early Explorers: Water


 April 2020's theme was Water!

Children wearing teal rain boots stepping in a mud puddle.

Photo by June Admiraal on Unsplash.


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Model of a mosquito, made with pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and clay.


Colorful Water Art: Make art with markers and water.

Build A Mosquito: Explore one of Alaska’s most abundant flying insects.

Make A Boat That Floats: Build a toy boat and test it in the water.

Create a Watershed: Explore how watersheds work by making a model.

By The Water Collage: Create a collage of a pond, lake, or river.

Build a Fish: Create your own fish out of paper and discover the different parts of a fish.

Child lookimg at seeds sprouting in a clear plastic bag.

Exploration Activities:

Create a Water Museum: Create a water-themed exhibit.

Kitchen Seed Sprouting: Try an experiment with seeds from your kitchen.

Water Bingo: Explore water in the world around us.

Water Scavenger Hunt: Signs of Spring: Look for signs of spring by finding water.

Explore the Salmon Life Cycle: Discover salmon with videos and games.

Create A Spring Bouquet: Introduce plant science through this exploration activity.

Discover Museum Objects: Water: Explore animals, objects, and artwork from the museum.

Hand holding a paintbrush and painting a paper towel.

Sensory Activities:

Sink or Float: Create a sensory water and science experiment.

Ice Play Activities: Set up an ice dig or paint with ice as it melts into liquid water.

Paint a Paper Towel: Experiment with water, textures, and colors.

Bring Snow Inside:  Collect and explore snow inside for a fun sensory activity.

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Images by Elisabeth Padilla.


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