Institutional Approvals

Unit Approvals 

Each unit has its own procedure for internal routing, fiscal review, and Dean/Director approval. Some units provide proposal coordinators for their faculty. In some units, the business office provides support for proposal preparation.

All proposals must be finalized and completed before OGCA-Pre review. Proposals must be:

  • Reviewed by the business office or fiscal officer responsible for proposal
  • Entered into Banner FRAPROP
  • Signed by PIs, all Co-Is, and the Dean or Director for all departments involved in the project (Proposal Routing Form)
  • Approved by all MAUs involved in the project (See "Proposals Involving Multiple MAUs" below)
  • Completed (all e-forms and paper forms filled out; letters and documentation included with proposal

Note on missing signatures on the Routing Form: since the Routing Form is an internal document only, OGCA will not hold up review and final approval of a proposal to a sponsor when a signature is missing due to travel, fieldwork, or another reasonable absence by a PI, Co-I, or Dean/Director. The form can be finalized later and updated for internal records.

OGCA Pre-Award Approval 

All proposals for external research and programmatic funding require administrative review by OGCA Pre-Award (008 WRRB) *before* submission to a sponsor. OGCA-Pre reviews proposals by deadline priority and level of completeness. A minimum of five business days is required by UAF policy for review, any needed corrections, and approval. If a proposal must be reviewed and returned to the unit for mailing in less than five days, contact OGCA-Pre as soon as possible. We will always try to accommodate your "RUSH," but be cognizant of the fact that OGCA-Pre staff are also reviewing proposals brought in on schedule by other investigators or units. Note that proposals that involve cost sharing/matchingreduced F&A, or subawards will require more review time.

OGCA Pre-Award Shared Drive

All proposals OGCA-Pre reviews are reviewed through the Unit/OGCA electronic Shared Drive. The instructions on how to use the Shared Drive and obtain access are located here.

Authorized Organizational Representatives (AORs) 

The OGCA Executive Director and Associate Director are the two AORs delegated by the Chancellor to authorize proposal submissions after the proposal has been reviewed by OGCA-Pre. Do not submit a proposal to a sponsor without OGCA-Pre authorization. The university has no obligation to accept awards that result from unauthorized proposals.

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