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Living with your Roommate.

Having a roommate is a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone with a different background than your own and helps you develop negotiation and communication skills. Many students will have the chance to live with someone from a different city, and some may even be from a different country! These differences give you the opportunity to deepen your cultural competencies while developing a friendship that spans counties or even continents. 

To find your roommate information log on to UAOnline <click> Student Services and Account Information <click> Campus Housing, Dining and Post Office <click> UAF Housing, Dining and Post Office. Under the Room Assignment section, you will see your roommate name. You can click on your roommates name to get their email address. 

A successful roommate relationship depends on mutual respect, open and honest communication and the ability to discuss problems as soon as they arise. Our roommate matching system will place you with roommates with similar living habits, so try spending time together before requesting a room change. The Department of Residence Life will provide any interested roommates with a Roommate Agreement (download). The agreement will help you develop lines of communication, identify potential conflicts and learn about each other's perspectives so that you can respect each other's living habits and make compromises.

Roommate Conflicts

Roommate conflicts are a normal and manageable experience for students. Before coming to campus, we suggest establishing some room rules and then discussing how you will handle eventual issues that arise. If you are having difficulties with your roommates, we encourage you discuss the problem early, openly and honestly. If you find that you and your roommates cannot reach an agreement, contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Director (RD) or Area Coordinator (AC). Our staff is trained to mediate conflicts, and may be able to help you resolve the problem. 

Room Changes

One of the best things about living on campus is that you are not bound to your assigned room as you would be if you signed a lease. If you would like to move to a different area of campus, you may request a room change or do an even room swap. 

For students who wish to move to another room during the semester there are open room lotteries and even room swaps.

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To request a room a change after you move in, you can use the Room Swap or Even Room Swap program.


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