Moving in guide


Get packed, it's time to move into your residence hall! Make sure that you have a valid housing contract for the term that you're moving into, and prepare to enjoy the true college experience at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Packing list

Not sure where to begin when it comes to packing for college? Here's a good place to start. We made a packing list to help you get started for living and studying in Fairbanks.



Housing Handbook

Everything you need to know about living on campus is in our Housing Handbook, from services available to residents to important phone numbers.

FERPA release

Look over the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act with your parents and/or guardian. Make sure you sign it and your parents and/or guardian.

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All check-in appointments:

Please follow the directional signs for parking and check-in, and ensure that only the student checking in approaches a check-in area. Please have:

  • Face covering
  • State issued ID
  • Working cell phone (If you don’t have a cell phone, reach out to us and we’ll work with you to schedule an alternative method of contact.)
MBS check-in:
  • During main check in hours (see below): Check in at a common desk in the MBS lobby. Park in the front lot (6S) and enter the lobby through the main front doors. 
    • Wednesday, August 19 - Friday, August 21: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. 
    • Saturday, August 22 - Sunday, August 23: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • After hours:  Follow the signs to the Skarland back door (parking lot 6U: the driveway to the East of the MBS building) and call your hall number, listed on the inside door.
    • Moore cell phone: (907) 378-6105
    • Bartlett cell phone: (907) 322-7300
    • Skarland cell phone: (907) 378-6055
Cutler, McIntosh, or Wickersham check-in:

There will either be a space set up outside to check in or a number to call on the door. Generally you can expect that when you arrive on campus you will go to the parking lot nearest to your building, call the RA on duty number listed on the door(s), and then you’ll be walked through the following steps with an RA (Resident Assistant).

  • Cutler cell phone: (907) 460-2177
  • McIntosh and Wickersham cell phone: (907) 712-7632
When checking you in, the RA will:
  • Confirm your ID via your state issued ID, or ask you other personally identifiable information
  • Walk you through your RCR (room condition report)
  • Confirm the following information on file:

A staff member will then give you your key and PolarExpress, and provide instructions to move into the room. You’ll need your state ID to receive your PolarExpress ID.

You will also receive a Nanook Care Kit in your room that includes:
  • Mask
  • Refillable hand sanitizer
  • Refillable disinfectant spray bottle
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Stylus
  • Thermometer



2019 move in

Move in 2019

1) Learn About Orientation

Learn more about fall/spring opening day activities by reading about our student, family and parent orientation.

2) Submit Health Records

Students living in UAF housing are required to submit documentation of certain immunization and tuberculosis screening. See Required Immunizationa and TB Testing for information and online form. In addition, students living in housing must sign the meningococcal meningitis information document.

3) Check Your Insurance

Check your family's homeowners' or apartment renter's insurance policy to make sure valuables you bring to campus will be covered.

4) Know Your Room Assignment

After learning your room assignment (available two weeks after submitting your applications), login to your Nanook Housing portal  to view your housing status and your designated check-in day and time.

5) Set Up Your New Mailing Address and Shipping Ahead of Time

The campus post office provides boxes for on-campus residents. If you plan to receive mail or packages while living on campus, you must register for a Campus Mail Box. Please go to the UAF Campus Mail Center for more information on how to register for a Campus Mail Box. After you register for a Campus Mail Box, you will receive a physical address to receive private carrier packages. 

6) Connect with Your Roommate(s) (only valid for Cutler in Fall 2020)

After learning your roommate's name(s), reach out to your roommate(s)! Share academic plans, common interests, and what each of you will contribute to your room's set-up. Check-out more about living with a roommate here. We know you're excited about personalizing your space on campus, but keep in mind that your room will be a shared living space, make sure you set ground rules before move-in.

7) Figure Out What to Pack

Review our items to bring checklists for items you should bring, and things not to forget. Most students bring too much stuff. The best advice we've heard is to set out everything you want to bring, then pack and bring one-half of the total.

8) Arriving on Campus

Look over the UAF Campus Map. Since campus is a big place you'll want to know where to go, but don't worry too much about getting lost, there will be lots of signs and people to help get you to the right place. 

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Dining options

Where can I use my meal plan?
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REV-IT-UP move-in event

The event is designed for first year students moving into Moore and Skarland. Staff are on hand to help move residents into their rooms. In an effort to simplify your transition to campus, services are set up in the MBS Complex. All residents are welcome to attend Rev-It-Up to take care of University business. This event will be adapted for Fall 2020 due to COVID-19 requirements.

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Technology information

For technology information and what technology to bring (and not to bring).

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Peer mentors

Peer Mentors are available to help you learn subjects from accounting to foreign languages.

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Automatic coffee makers, air popcorn popper, refrigerators (which do not exceed 3 1/2 feet in height), microwave ovens smaller than 1 cubic foot (1,000 watts) are permitted within individual rooms/apartments.

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Room swap

To request a room a change after you move in, you can use the Room Swap or Even Room Swap program.