Moving in guide

Special Group Early Arrival Fall Move-In

If you are a part of an authorized group that has an early move-in, you will be notified of your move-in date by your group. Below are groups that typically have an early move-in date (Note: more groups will be added, please check back if you don't see yours yet). You may be charged an early move-in fee through Wednesday, August 21, 2019. Please contact your group for additional information. Dining Services Meal Plan are available to use at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

Group Name Arrival Details
Resident Assistants (RAs) If you are selected as a member of Residence Life's RA team, you will move-in to your room on Wednesday, August 7 between 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. There is no fee for your early move-in. Keys and check-in information is available at the Conference Services window.
Peer Mentors If you are selected as a member of Residence Life's Peer Mentor team, you will move-in to your room on Wednesday, August 13 between 8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. There is no fee for your early move-in. Keys and check-in information is available at the Conference Services window.
UAF Athletic Teams If you are a member of a UAF athletic team that requires an early arrival, your arrival date will be coordinated between your coach and the Department of Residence Life.
International Students Students determined to have an academic reason for an early arrival will be granted access to their fall room assignment. Documentation for early arrival will be necessary for approved status. Please contact the UAF International Programs & Initiatives for instructions.
Wilderness Welcome Date of arrival to be determined
Student Orientation Leaders Date of arrival to be determined
Non-Approved Students Please find alternate accommodations until the residence halls open on Thursday, August 22. If you chose to arrive early, we may not be able to accommodate you. If we are, you will be charged $125/night for your early arrival.

Check-In Instructions

When you check into your room, you will need to complete a data card, a Room Condition Report (RCR), and you will receive a room key.

Data cards

Students are encouraged to fill out data cards with allergies and emergency contact information. These cards are kept within the hall offices and are used in crisis situations where emergency contacts need to be contacted or in medical emergencies where allergies or medical conditions need to be reported.

Room condition reports (RCR)

A room condition report is an inventory of the items in your room and their condition at the time of check-in. Residents have 48 hours to review and either accept or dispute their RCR; any RCR that is not accepted in this time frame will be considered automatically accepted. It is each resident’s responsibility to review the condition of their room by accessing and signing the Room Condition report. When a resident is checking out of their room the RCR will be utilized to assess any damages that were not listed on the RCR at the time of check in.


Students will be given room/apartment keys by the hall staff upon checking into their rooms. Hall staff will review important move-in information with each student upon their check-in. (Please see keys for more information on information pertaining to your room/apartment keys, including lock-outs.)

10 Things to do Before Move-In Day

1) Learn About Orientation

Learn more about opening day activities by reading about our student, family and parent orientation.

2) Know your Handbook

Familiarize yourself with our Housing Handbook to make sure you understand housing policies before moving in.

3) Submit Health Records

Make sure your meningitis and other required vaccination information has been submitted to the University Health Center.

4) Check Your Insurance

Check your family's homeowners' or apartment renter's insurance policy to make sure valuables you bring to campus will be covered.

5) Know Your Room Assignment

After learning your room assignment (available July 11), login to your UAOnline account to view your housing status and your designated check-in day and time.

6) Set Up Your New Mailing Address

Rent a PO Box to receive mail while living on campus. Learn more about PO Box Assignments Here.

7) Connect with Your Roommate(s)

After learning your roommate's name(s), reach out to your roommate(s)! Share academic plans, common interests, and what each of you will contribute to your room's set-up. Check-out more about living with a roommate here. We know you're excited about personalizing your space on campus, but keep in mind that your room will be a shared living space, make sure you set ground rules before move-in.

8) Figure Out What to Pack

Review our items to bring checklists for items you should bring, and things not to forget. Most students bring too much stuff. The best advice we've heard is to set out everything you want to bring, then pack and bring one-half of the total.

9) Shipping Ahead of Time

Due to limited holding space please make sure your packages arrive no earlier than either 2-week or days of opening day. If you order or ship items too far in advance, they may be returned to sender. Belongings and online purchases shipped by a recognized carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL) should be addressed to you in the following manner:

Student Name
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Room Number, Name of Residence Hall
1872 Yukon Drive
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775

10) Arriving on Campus

Look over the UAF Campus Map. Since campus is a big place you'll want to know where to go, but don't worry too much about getting lost, there will be lots of signs and people to help get you to the right place.

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Dining options

When does my dining plan end? What happens with my meal plan after I move out?

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REV-IT-UP move-in event

The event is designed for first year students moving into Moore and Skarland. Staff are on hand to help move residents into their rooms. In an effort to simplify your transition to campus, services are set up in the MBS Complex. All residents are welcome to attend Rev-It-Up to take care of University business.

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Technology information

For technology information and what technology to bring (and not to bring).

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Peer mentors

Peer Mentors are available to help you learn subjects from accounting to foreign languages.

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Only 1 refrigerator to be used per residence hall room. The refrigerator must meet the following specifications: Less than 5 cubic feet in size 120 Volt Energy rating less than 2 amps.

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Room swap

To request a room a change after you move in, you can use the Room Swap or Even Room Swap program.