Maintenance services

If you are submitting a maintenance request for Employee, Family and Graduate Housing please use this form.


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Emergency maintenance procedures

If your apartment or room has an emergency issue, call 907-474-7247 to report this directly to the Department of Residence Life between 8am and 5pm. After hours, report the emergency to the RA on duty (RA duty numbers are posted outside of each hall office). After-hours emergency requests will be called in by the Resident Director on duty.

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Heat loss

Windows in the residential facilities are a significant source of heat loss. Due to costly repair, the University has established a “below zero window policy.” As the temperature falls below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, all windows must remain closed. Residents violating this policy will be subject to judicial action and held financially responsible for any damage (frozen pipes). Residents may be asked to close their windows at above zero degrees in order to maintain building heat levels. Residence Life policy states that all apartments will be supplied with heat up to 68-72 degrees.

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Custodial services

Residence Life custodial services for common areas is provided by ABM under an annual contract. They work to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment in the common areas of your building. They are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing common bathrooms, showers, lounges, laundry rooms, kitchens and corridors. If you find cleanliness issues in the residence halls, please use the QR code to report it (bathrooms only) or contact RL staff.

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For clogged sink or tub drains, do not use Drano or any other cleaning compound. Contact the Department of Residence Life or a Residence Life staff member regarding maintenance to sinks, bathtubs, or toilets. You may attempt to clear clogs with a plunger before calling for assistance. Do not put garbage, paper towels, fish tank debris, grease, tea or coffee grounds, etc., into any drain.

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Key/Lock issues

Duplication of any University keys, including room keys, is prohibited by the code of conduct. If your key is sticky or the lock is difficult to use, do not use any type of chemical liquid lubricant such as WD-40. Contact ResLife staff and a staff member from the key shop will clean or replace your lock to correct the issue. For personal safety, when keys and identification are lost together, an emergency lock core change must be initiated. Students should contact the Residence Life staff to initiate this lock core change.

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Pest control

With respect to your safety and that of our environment, we request your best efforts toward maintaining a clean and sanitary room/apartment. In the event of a pest infestation, contact a Residence Life staff member in your area immediately. There is no direct cost to you for this service. If, however, the infestation is found to be the result of poor housekeeping or hygiene practices, you will be assessed for the services.