Virtual Early Explorers: Marine Mammals

May 2021's theme was Marine Mammals!

Child's hands playing with sea otter and whale puppets.

UAMN photo by Jennifer Arseneau.


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 Walrus mask made from a paper plate, construction paper, tissue paper, and yarn.


Make a Walrus Mask: Explore walruses in art and culture by creating your own walrus mask.

Scrimshaw Crayon Art: Create scrimshaw-inspired art by etching designs on paper.

 Kelp forest collage example with a blue ocean, blue yarn, green tissue paper, and colored cutouts of sea otters.

Exploration Activities:

Kelp Forest Collage: Discover the role of sea otters in keeping the kelp forest healthy.

Whale and Krill Tower Game: Explore baleen whales and the huge amounts of krill that support them.

Close up of two hands in a clear container of water. One hand is wearing a blue disposable glove, and the other is in a bag half full of shortening.

Sensory Activities:

Blubber Gloves Experiment: Explore how blubber keeps animals warm in cold water. Watch a how-to video here!

Polar Bear Fishing Game: Play a fishing game and discover the polar bear’s ocean diet.


Watch behind-the-scenes videos of museum staff preparing a  bowhead whale skeleton to be hung in the lobby!


Watch a Blubber Gloves how-to video from SciShow Kids!
Two hands in bowls of ice water. One hand is bare, and the other is in a ziploc bag full of shortening.


For activities designed for kids ages 6-12, go to the Virtual Junior Curators page.


 Images by Emily Koehler-Platten and Elisabeth Padilla.


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