Virtual Early Explorers: Sun

March 2021's theme was the Sun!

Two children walking through a sunny forest, with snow on the ground.

Photo by Luidmila Kot on Pixabay.


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 Blue paper with trees and a house drawn on the bottom. Two yellow circles are in the sky; one labeled "summer" is higher up, and one labelled "winter" is lower down.


Winter and Summer Sun: Explore the northern Sun in the winter and summer.

Eclipse Chalk Art: Create chalk art and discover the Sun’s corona.

Build a Model Solar Probe: Discover the Parker Solar Probe and embark on a mission to the Sun. Watch a how-to video here!

 A piece of black paper and a piece of white paper on a sunny windowsill.

Exploration Activities:

Warm Up Experiment: Explore the albedo effect on Earth with this simple experiment.

Make A Solar Viewer: Create a solar viewer to safely observe the Sun. Watch a how-to video here!

 Hand using a popsicle stick to sworl red and orange food coloring into shaving cream.

Sensory Activities:

Marbled Sun Prints: Make marbled paper that looks like our Sun. Watch a how-to video here!

Sensory Sun Catcher: Make mess-free squishy fun for a sunny window.

Watch a how-to video: Build a Model Solar Probe


Watch a how-to video: Make a Solar Viewer


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Images by Elisabeth Padilla.


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