Virtual Junior Curators: Sun

March 2021's theme was the Sun!

Artist's conception of the Parker Solar Probe approaching the Sun.Photo: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribben.

Discover Earth's closest star!
Investigate how light and energy from the Sun affect life on Earth, how scientists explore the Sun, and more.

At Home Activities:
The links are all PDF documents. 

                    Example Solar Viewer: Piece of cardstock decorated with markers, with square of aluminum foil in the middle,               Hand holding an example model Solar Probe, made from a toilet paper tube, paper, and aluminum foil.          Hand threading beads on a pipecleaner,

Left to Right: Solar Viewer, Solar Probe, and UV Bracelet Examples (courtesy of NISEnet).

Watch a how-to video: Build a Model Solar Probe

Watch a how-to video: Make a Solar Viewer


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