Virtual Early Explorers: Wings

April 2021's theme was Wings!

A child wearing a butterfly costume with the wings spread out.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.


The links are all PDF documents.

 Outlines of several birds printed in blue paint.


Bird Migration Stamps: Stamp a flock of birds and explore spring migration.

Butterfly Painting: Explore symmetry by painting butterfly patterns.

 6 pairs of butterfly cards, each showing a different species.

Exploration Activities:

Butterfly Memory Game: Discover Alaska butterflies with a memory game.

Straw Rockets: Create a paper rocket and launch it from a straw.

Child wearing a cardboard pair of wigs decorated with yellow, purple, and pink streamers.

Sensory Activities:

Dress-Up Wings: Explore wing shapes and create your own dress-up wings.

Explore Seeds With Wings: Collect birch and spruce seeds and discover their wings.

For activities designed for kids ages 6-12, go to the Virtual Junior Curators page.

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 Images by Elisabeth Padilla.


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