Virtual Early Explorers: Amazing Earth


May 2020's theme was Amazing Earth!

View of the Earth's surface from outer space, with the sun in the distance. Part of a spacecraft is visible in the lower right.

Image courtesy of NASA.



The links are all PDF documents.

Home Sweet Home: Discover reasons why Earth is a great place to live!

Observe Clouds: Participate in a citizen science project for the NASA Globe Observer Program!

 Homemade weather wheel; a circle divided into four secction, with each section decorated to represent a type of weather.


Imagine a Creature Collage: Create your own planet and creature.

Make an Earth Fan (courtesy of NASA): Discover the layers of the Earth by making a fan.

Create A Weather Wheel: Observe and keep track of the weather with a fun craft.

Paper Mache Earth: Create a model of the Earth.

Pocket Solar System: Make a miniature model of Earth’s neighborhood.

 Child touching a globe.

Exploration Activities:

Explore Around The World: Discover the  diversity of life on Earth.

Discover Museum Objects: Explore specimens and fossils from the museum.

Stories in the Clouds: Encourage imagination by watching clouds.

Outer Space Pretend Play: Let your imagination blast off into outer space.

Spinning Around The Sun: Explore how the Sun, Earth, and Moon rotate.

 Children playing with a homemade light box.

Sensory Activities:

What Lives in the Water?: Discover aquatic invertebrates near you.

Gravity Scavenger Hunt: Explore gravity with hands-on experiments.

Bake an Atmosphere Cake: Enjoy baking together and discovering Earth’s atmosphere.

Create Outside Art:  Get inspired by the Earth to create your own artwork.

Sensory Sun Catcher: Make mess-free squishy fun for a sunny window.

 Watch welcome videos from museum educators:


 For more outer space activities, download an activity booklet from NASA!
For activities designed for the whole family, go to the Virtual Family Days page.


Image Credits: 
Weather Wheel, Sensory Suncatcher: Elisabeth Padilla.
Child with Globe: Amy Humphries on Unsplash.

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