Virtual Early Explorers: Carving


January 2021's theme was Carving!

Adult holding a child and looking at a carved artwork by Sara Tabbert.

UAMN image by Gabrielle Vance.


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 Piece of paper covered in black crayon, with an outline of a cat etched into the crayon, revealing rainbow colors underneath.


Scrimshaw Crayon Art: Create scrimshaw-inspired art by etching designs on paper. Watch a how-to video here!

Create Shape Art: Make art with geometric shapes, inspired by Alaska artist Ron Senungetuk.

Foam Printmaking: Create a printing surface with foam, and make multiple prints. Watch a how-to video here!

 Four small spoons carved from ivory, in a museum display case.

Exploration Activities:

Carving Scavenger Hunt: Explore carved museum objects and go on a scavenger hunt at home.

Color A Petroglyph: Discover ancient carved rocks by coloring a picture of the Seal Stone.


 A drawing of the sun carved in snow, with a stick next to it.

Sensory Activities:

Snow Carving: Explore snow carving outdoors and indoors.

Carve A Snack: Explore carving different materials and create a fun snack!

Watch a how-to video from #MetKids!

Piece of paper covered in black crayon. A hand is using a paperclip to scratch away the black, revealing rainbow colors underneath

For activities designed for kids ages 6-12, go to the Virtual Junior Curators page.


Image Credits:
Scrimshaw Crayon Art: Emily Koehler-Platten
Carving Scavenger Hunt:  Mustard Spoons (Aluuttautit), UA2001-013-0110AD.
Snow Carving: Elisabeth Padilla.
Scratch Art Video: #MetKids.


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