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Recent research of college students across the nation indicates that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience. Life on campus comes with  advantage & opportunity. Find out what campus has to offer you.

Exception to Housing Policy

Exception to policy requests are evaluated based on individual circumstances. UAOnline hosts your university housing account and forms. Find the exception to policy form under Applications and Forms > Select and compete the Exception to Housing Agreement Request > Receive a confirmation email in your preferred email box.


Housing Cancellation

UAOnline hosts your university housing account and forms. Find the housing cancellation form under Applications and Forms > Select and compete the Housing Cancellation Form > Receive a confirmation email in your preferred email box.

Residence Hall residents should submit this form at least one week prior to move out of housing. EFG Residents are required to submit their form 30 days prior to moving out.

 Conviction Disclosure

You are required to sign and return this form even is you answer 'No' to all questions.

 FERPA Release Form

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires an authorization form for the release of student information.

Resident Tuition Assessment

Complete this form to apply for resident tuition assessment, and if you plan to enroll in more than 4 credits a semester.

On-Campus Pets

We offer pet friendly housing on campus.

Most university housing facilities are pet-friendly, allowing small caged animals like hamsters, rabbits, amphibians, and such live with their student owners. Some EFG housing even allow dogs and cats!


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Maintenance request

Any room or hall maintenance issues can be submitted through an online service request
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Housing rates

College can be expensive, but we are here to help make living on-campus affordable and easy to navigate.

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Tobacco-free campus

UAF is committed to prohibiting tobacco use and smoking, within its campuses and facilities. BOR Policy P05.12.102.
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Dining options

Learn all there is to know about your meal plan and Dining Services.