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The UAF governance structure encompasses the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, ASUAF (Associated Students of UAF), and Governance Coordinating Committee. The Governance Office is located in 327 Signers' Hall. The ASUAF office is located in Wood Center. Pursuant to Board of Regents' Policy 03.01.010, the opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to participate in the governance of the University is important to its effective operation. The Board of Regents' intends that faculty, staff, and student participation in University governance be an integral part of the University community's culture.

The organizations' purposes are to:

* provide an effective opportunity for University faculty, staff, and students to play a meaningful role in matters affecting their welfare;

* represent the viewpoints of University faculty, staff, and students on Regents' Policy, University Regulations, and other matters affecting the interests of the University;

* address through legislative action other matters as described in their approved constitutions;

* advise the President and chancellors of the University in a timely fashion and in a manner set forth in individual organizational constitutions; and

* communicate to faculty, staff, and students information which is of interest and concern to the University.

Policy Actions:

* Policy actions affecting faculty, staff, or students require the Chancellor's approval.

* Policy actions affecting faculty, staff, and students require consideration by the UAF Governance Coordinating Committee prior to the Chancellor's approval.

* Policy actions affecting UAF, UAS, and UAA require consideration by the System Governance Council prior to the President's and/or Board of Regents' approval.

Photo Credit: Todd Paris

Contact Information:

Meryem Udden, Governance Manager
P.O. Box 757500
327 Signers' Hall
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7500
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