A. Unit Representation:

The number of seats in each unit is determined by the number of staff in that unit. There is one Unit Representative seat for every 50 staff members in a unit, up to a maximum of 4 Unit Representative seats. The Staff Council election results for 2019 are as follows:

Unit 2: CRCD, CTC, eCampus

(2 seats)  
Stacey Cortez
Martha Westphal

Unit 4: IAB

(2 seats)  
Anita Goetz
KC Love

Unit 6: CFOS

(2 seats)  
Chris Brooks
Wendy Huesties

Unit 7: Student Affairs

(4 seats)
Brianne Dryver (directly appointed)

Unit 8: CLA

(1 seat)  
Courtney Pagh

Unit 10: CNSM, Museum

(1 seat)  
Kyle Campbell

Unit 12: Admin. Services

(2 seats)
Derek Bastille
Michael Szidloski

Unit 14: IARC

(1 seat)  
Amber Keith-Smith 

At-Large Representatives

(2 seats)
Felicia Burud 
Tara Borland
Shannon Watson (directly appointed to at-large seat #5)