About Nanook Recreation


It is our mission to provide the university community with opportunities and facilities to lead active, healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation on campus and out in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska.


Leo Faro

Leo Faro

Ice Arena Manager


Leo comes with great experience from Polar Ice Arena in North Pole. He is passionate about ice quality and creating a great experience for all users. When not in the arena, he is planning his next hunting trip or cheering his sons on at various sporting events around Alaska. He has also been known to where stripes and whistle at local hockey tournaments.


Christine McComb

Assistant Director of Wellness


Mark Oldmixon

Mark Oldmixon



Mark is responsible for supervision of the entire department; SRC, Outdoor Adventures, Patty Pool, Patty Ice and Outdoor Ed Center.

Christian Mogensen

Christian Mogensen

Outdoor Adventures Assistant Coordinator for Climbing Programs


Christian is in charge of climbing programs at Outdoor Adventures. He started out volunteering for OA in 2012, and has worked his way up through the program to Assistant Coordinator. Born and raised in the flat country of Denmark, Christian now loves spending time in the mountains and is passionate about all types of climbing. In addition to working at OA, he's also a master's student in the Northern and Arctic Studies program at UAF.

Eastern Alaska Range

Frank Olive

Outdoor Adventures Assistant Coordinator for Education


Frank worked as a staff member for Outdoor Adventures from 2010-2017 and after 8 months as a stay at home dad is back with the program. Frank has lived in and played in Alaska for 25 years, and loves exploring the mountains on foot or on skis. Climbing and skiing are his main passions when he is not hanging out with his kids. Frank also enjoys exploring Alaska rivers in a kayak, raft and packraft as well as doing bike tours around the world.

Brent Culleton

Brent Culleton

Facilities and Intramurals Coordinator


Anne Doyle

Anne Doyle

Business Manager


After moving from Arizona to Alaska one cold November, Anne started working at the University of Alaska!  As Nanook Recreation Business Manager, Anne pulls together skills from her past positions in auditing, donor relations and software account management and her always growing experience to the benefit of the amazing Nanook Recreation team.

Ice arena supervisors

The Ice Arena Supervisors are in charge of general day to day operations at the Patty Ice Arena. This includes monitoring all the public skating session, checking out locker rooms and answering questions for all the various hockey organizations during games, practices and private rentals, sharpening skates and driving the Zamboni to maintain the best ice in town.

Teresa Shannon

Teresa Shannon

Teresa is in charge of the Learn to Skate Program, as well as other various graphic design tasks.

Marketing and Trips Manager

Danielle Bessent

Danielle Bessent

Coming from Florida, Danielle brings a passion for all things outdoors and hopes to cultivate an excitement and student growth int he Outdoor Adventures Program. She finished her masters degree in communications while working as the Graduate Assistant for Outdoor Adventures. She now handles the Nanook Recreation marketing and is the Outdoor Adventures Trips Manager. Feel free to stop by the office with any questions about our trips or activities! She would like to thank you for stopping by her bio. Have a great day!


About Outdoor Adventures and staff


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Outdoor Adventures to foster personal growth and a spirit of adventure for the UAF community through education, experience and accessibility in the wilderness of Alaska and right here on campus.


Inside the Student Recreation Center


Outdoor Adventures Staff


Christian Mogensen

Assistant coordinator of climbing programs

Christian has worked as a member of the climbing wall staff since the spring of 2013. Hailing from Denmark, Christian has been living in Alaska since January 2012. He is a graduate student in the Northern and Arctic Studies program and is conducting research on optimal experience (Flow) in outdoor recreation activities. Christian loves spending time with his family, and spending time outside rock and ice climbing and mountaineering.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, PCIA CWI-L, Swift Water Rescue Technician, ACA Canoeing Level 1&2, USA Climbing Level 1 route setter, Avi 1


 Frank Olive

Assistant Coordinator for Education

Frank worked as a staff member for Outdoor Adventures from 2010-2017 and after 8 months as a stay at home dad is back with the program.  Frank has lived in and played in Alaska for 25 years, and loves exploring the mountains on skis or on foot.  Climbing and skiing are his main passions when he is not hanging out with his kids.  Frank also enjoys exploring Alaska's rivers in a kayak, raft and packraft as well as doing bike tours around the world. 

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, PCIA CWI-L, AAA Pro 1 Avalanche, Avy 1 and Avy 2, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, USA Climbing Level 1 Route Setter, ACA Level 1-3 Canoe, AMGA SPI and CWI-L (expired 11/17)


Danielle Bessent

Trips Manager
Danielle is the current Trips Manager at Outdoor Adventures. She moved to Alaska from Florida in June of 2017. She is passionate about student growth and developmet through the endless classroom that is the wilderness! She assists with the tripping program, our Wilderness Welcome program, and some of our academic classes. This is a pic of her and her favorite little dog. Anyway, shes always around in the office if you have any questions- thanks for reading this bio!

 Line Persson

Student Employee
This is Line Persson, not to be confused with "line person". This is her real name...or is it? As you can tell, she's prepping for her flight into outer space in this photo. And when she is not sprinting to the top of the highest peaks for interglactic travel, she's grading your papers. That's right, she's an undercover superhero. Just don't tell anyone, okay?

Credentials: All of them.

Emily Smola

Student employee
This one looks feral, but rest assured, Emily's has been domesticated by Outdoor Advenutures since Spring 2019. Perhaps it was the PCT that made her look like this, or maybe because she has been the UAF youth climbing coach for several years... Formally, she has a UAF degree in psychology with minors and such, but multi-month van/climbing trips  spoiled her potiential.  She enjoys backpacking, bikepacking, rock climbing, and  is always humbed when building an octagonal dry cabin with her partner.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Master Educator, PCIA CWI-L, Swiftwater Tech I, NASM Personal Trainer

Andy Tunnell

Student employee
Andy has been working at Outdoor Adventures since the summer of 2018. After coming to Alaska in the fall of 2017 on exchange from Pennsylvania, he transferred to UAF to major in Natural Resource Management. 

Sean Marble

Student employee

Sean has been working at Outdoor Adventures since January of 2018. He is from Washington State, but now calls Fairbanks home. He is studying Geological Engineering and enjoys spending time outdoors. His favorite activities include ice and rock climbing and snowboarding.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, PCIA CWI-L, AIARE Level 1


Anja Maijala

Student employee
Anja began working at Outdoor Adventures the fall of 2018. She came to UAF to be on the Cross Country Running and Nordic Ski teams and would love to teach you how to ski on the beautiful campus trails. She is a Wildlife Biology and Conservation major and Outdoor Leadership minor. Outside of school and college sports Anja enjoys backpacking, backcountry skiing, and playing her ukulele.