Group fitness classes

All group fitness classes are included with SRC membership.

Class descriptions

A lunch time workout consisting of body weight exercises and light strength training exercises. These exercises are circuited at a fast pace for a quick 40 minute cardio workout. This class is designed as a go at your own pace format, great for beginners but you can make it as intense as you are willing to work.

Location: SRC

A series of body weight  exercises that focuses on flexibility,  core strength and  localized muscular endurance. Mat pilates borrows from multiple discipliens such as dance and yoga.  Beginners are welcome as well as returning participants.

Location: SRC

Enjoy a cardio workout in our cycling studio while we motivate you with awesome music, challenging rides, and leaders to motivate and push you all the way to the top. Low impact but fierce, cycling is great for building core strength and working on endurance.  Blast the calories and enjoy the ride.

Location: Patty Ice Center Indoor Cycling Studio

A 6 week class designed for beginners.  Class size is set to a maximum of 10 students, selectorize machines, free weights and functional movement exercises are taught with an emphasis on proper technique. Students follow a written 6 week strength training program and an informational packet covering, basic program design, written reference material for the exercises used in the program and recover modalities. Intended learning outcomes include, proper technique for a set menu of basic strength training exercises, the principles behind building strength and  an understanding of how to program a basic strength training session.

Location: SRC

A systematic and progressive approach to learning the 2 olympic lifts, the Clean Jerk and the Snatch. Students will receive form and technique critique and development the skills necessary to perform the olympic lifts.

Location: SRC

Is the world's first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat dripping fun of playing the drums.

Location: SRC

An amazing heart pumping workout! A cure for the monotonous workouts. challenge strength, cardio and endurance all in one class.

Location: SRC

Class schedules

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