Indoor climbing wall


COVID-19 Climbing Wall Policies

The following policies are in place to help protect you and others. They are adopted from industry and CDC guidelines.

  • Reservation is required to climb.
    • Log in and make a reservation online at
    • This is to avoid you coming to the gym only to find that we're at max capacity. 
  • 6 person maximum occupancy.
    • Do not enter if there are 6 people in the climbing wall area.
    • In phase B of the UAF COVID-19 plan, we must operate at a 25% capacity, which we have determined to be 6 people.
  •  Masks.
    • Required at all times while in the climbing wall area.
    • Unlike other parts of the gym, we cannot feasibly sanitize each hold everytime it has been touched. 
  • Wash your hands before and after climbing at the wall.
    • Sanitizing station is available right at the wall entrance.
  • Maintain 10 feet between yourself and others during physical activity.
    • 6 feet at all other times.
  • No sharing chalk.
    • Chalk is available for sale at the SRC front desk.
    • We have Black Diamond and FrictionLabs chalk available! Both dry and liquid.
  • No spotting.
    • Use proper landing techniques when falling or jumping down.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Limited rental shoes are available
    • We are sanitizing and quarantining used shoes for 72 hours.
    • We recommend you bring your own climbing shoes.
  • If you are sick or have had close contact with someone who has contracted Covid-19, please stay at home.


Wall News:  

Summer 2020 Belay Classes

Want to use the climbing wall?

Sign up HERE for a climbing wall safety orientation class today!
When: Thursdays at 6-7:30pm
Cost: $10 per person ($20 for private classes)
Pre-registration is required. See below for registration options and more info.

Already know how to belay? Contact Christian for a belay check off at:

Chalk for sale

We happy to announce that chalk is available at the SRC font desk!

The products we offer include:

Black Diamond loose chalk in a variety of sizes.

FrictionLabs loose and liquid chalk in a variety of sizes.

We also offer chalk balls/socks from each brand as well as Climbskin hand salve.

Lead Night

Not offered in Summer 2020

COVID-19 info

Click HERE for info from the Climbing Wall Association about COVID-19 and the indoor climbing industry

Free Yoga for Climbers course!

AIM Adventure U is giving free access to their Yoga for Climbers program. Use code BEWELL

Yoga for Climbers

Gym-free climbing exercises:

10 minute hangboard workout:

Reel Rock:

Free access to Reel Rock clips from season 1-5 on!

Reel Rock


Lead Climbing Clinic

Learn the basics of lead climbing and belaying by taking this 2-day clinic. This clinic will assist climbers who want to participate in lead night, or want to further their skills as climbers. 

Note: This clinic does not automatically allow one to climb during lead nights; everyone will need to pass the lead assessment on regular lead night offerings. 



No lead clinics are currently scheduled. 

 All climbers will need a current SRC Climbing Wall Certification and waiver on file. Climbers will need to demonstrate the ability to climb 5.7 competently and cleanly on top-rope. They will also need to demonstrate flawless belay technique.


Belaying and climbing the 5.7 route will need to take place during wall monitor hours and BEFORE the clinic. Available wall monitor hours: Monday & Friday 5:30-8pm and Tuesday-Thursday 4-6:30pm.

  • In person
    • Stop by Outdoor Adventures Office
  • Over the phone
    • Give us a call at 907-474-6027
  • Online
    • Click here: mynookrec
    • Select: Outdoor Adventures - Instructional - Fall 2019


TruBlue Auto Belay Devices

Image courtesy of Headrush Technologies

We're excited to introduce three TruBlue Auto Belay Devices!

These devices will allow you to climb even if you can't find a belay partner, and are also great for training sessions.

Please note: An auto belay certification is required for use. If you already have a UAF climbing wall certification, all you need to do is set up a time with us and we will get you a new card that reflects the auto belay certification.


Safety Orientation Class

uaf belay certification
Required for ALL climbing wall partcipants. Boulderers too!

Orientation starts promptly. Late comers will be asked to sign up for a different class. The class is about an hour-and-a-half long.

But what if I just want to boulder?
You still need to take the safety orientation class!

We offer a check-off assesment option for experienced climbers/belayers. A full safety orientation class is required if you fail this check-off assesment. You will still need to pay the $10 fee.  

Pre-registration is required as space is limited.

For private certification contact Christian Mogensen at

Classes are offered in Fall and Spring semesters and during Summer.

Summer 2020 Wall Monitor schedule:



No wall monitors will be on duty during Summer 2020.

Please see the SRC front desk if you need anything. 

Climb and auto belay certified: any age

Belay certified: minimum age 14 years old

Group certification $10/per person
Private certification $20/ per person

Reminder that climbing and belay certification cards expire after 1 year!

Re-certs subject to staff availability.

Re-certs are FREE.

Contact Christian to scedule a re-cert:

Register for safety orientation class

Wall Monitors

Wall monitors are there to help belay, teach belay classes, answer any questions, and enforce rules.

We will be checking belay certification cards, so make sure you have a current card!

Re-certs subject to staff availability.

Re-certs are FREE.

Contact Christian to scedule a re-cert:

Summer 2020 Wall Monitor schedule:

No wall monitors will be on duty during Summer 2020.

Please see the SRC front desk if you need anything. 

Don't worry, the wall will still be open outside the staffed hours.


Equipment Rental

Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are available at the SRC front desk.

Limited supply.  First come, first served!

UAF climbing facilities Free
Off Campus $5 per day


Climbing harnesses are available for free at the SRC front desk with a PolarExpress card and current UAF Climbing Wall Certification card.

Limited supply.  First come, first served!

Rental harnesses may only be used at the UAF climbing facilities.

All climbers MUST display a current belay certification card.

If you do not have a current belay certification you will be asked to leave the climbing wall, and register for a climbing wall safety orientation class, or schedule a re-certification.

Any continued violation will result in being banned from using the climbing wall.

Lead Climbing

Lead night is not offered in Summer 2020.


Join us Mondays from 6-8pm at the SRC climbing wall for Lead Night!

In order to lead climb you must pass a lead climbing and belaying assessment. Ask the wall monitor to be checked off.

We will have two lead ropes and quickdraws for two teams available for use. You may bring your own lead gear, but this will be checked by the wall monitor to insure the equipment is safe to use.

See all Lead Night policies here