Current residents

Student laying on bed inside Bartlett Hall room
Bartlett Hall

Floors 2-7:
Double Room: $2,550
Single Room: $3,060
Super-Single Room: $3,570 

Upgraded 8th Floor:
Double Room: $2,601
Single Room: $3,111
Super-Single Room: $3,621 

Cutler apartments
Cutler Apartments

100, 200, 600 blocks:
Double Room: $3,060
Single Room: $3,570

Upgraded 300, 400, 500 blocks:
Double Room: $3,213
Single Room: $3,723

McIntosh Hall
McIntosh Hall

Double Room: $2,550
Single Room: $3,060
Super-Single Room: $3,570

Employee, Family, Graduate Housing
Employee, Family, Graduate Housing

Graduate students qualify to live in a variety of residence halls including Employee, Family and Graduate Housing (EFG).
Students who have families or dependents coming with them to live on-campus also qualify for EFG Housing.



Fall 2022 Housing Refund Schedule:

Cancellation Date Range Refund Amount  Cancellation Fee Applied? Program Fee Refunded?
Prior to August 1st 100% refund No Yes
August 1 – August 24 100% refund Yes Yes
August 25 - September 9 90% refund Yes  Yes
September 10 - September 23 75% refund Yes  No
September 24 - October 7 50% refund Yes  No
October 8- October 21 25% refund Yes  No
After October 21  0% refund  Yes No


Spring 2023 Housing Refund Schedule:

Cancellation Date Range Refund Amount  Cancellation Fee Applied? Program Fee Refunded?
Prior to December 1st    100% refund No Yes
December 1 - January 12 100% refund Yes Yes
January 13 - January 27 90% refund Yes  Yes
January 28 - February 10 75% refund Yes  No
February 11 - February 24   50% refund Yes  No
February 25 - March 10  25% refund Yes  No
After March 10  0% refund  Yes No


NOTE: Notification of student status to other departments within the university does not cancel this Agreement.

Apply for Housing

  1. Sign Housing and Dining Agreement
  2. Answer Housing Questions
  3. Hall/Room Type Preferences
  4. Indicate emergency contacts


Room Changes

Please be aware that while we do our best not to move residents after we assign them, situations outside of our control may result in your assignment changing. Rooms with vacancies may be consolidated to ensure we use our housing space efficiently.

If you did not get assigned your preferred room type, you can participate in the Room Change Lottery, it starts one week after hall opening and occurs every two week. Please see the room change webpage for more information.



Residents can explore Housing Rates and options to find what residence hall fits their needs.

For monthly rent or semester room charges, check-out charges, residents can pay in person,  online through UAOnline account, wire transfer or their Alaska 529 Plan. For more information visit the Bursar's Office in the first floor or Signers' Hall.


Room Assignment Process

Those who do not participate in the room selection process will be assigned based upon the student's application completion date (earliest first). Hall preferences will be reviewed in the order listed on a student's application. Assignments will be made based on room availability. 

Assignment letters with check-in instructions will be emailed to your preferred email address as designated on UAOnline

Housing assignments and roommate contact information can be found on my MyHousing home page.


Roommate Preferences

Do you have a preferred roommate? After you submit a housing application, you will be able to match yourself to a preferred roommate.

Please, ensure your requested roommate has submitted a housing application.

In the Housing Portal go to Room Selection > Roommate/Suitemate and request your intended roommate (they will be sent an email that they have been requested as a roommate). Your intended roommate will confirm your request. You are now matched.

Keep in mind, only matched requests will be considered. Roommate preferences are not guaranteed and are subject to room availability.

Please contact the Residence Life Central Office for roommate requests or charges after you receive an assignment letter.


Updating or Canceling Housing Application

Do not wait for friends to apply together, go ahead and submit your application as soon as you are admitted to the university.

If you would like to cancel you housing application, please submit a Housing Cancellation Form found in the Housing Portal. You will be subject to a cancelation fee. Please see your housing agreement for details.