General Finance

  Account Codes

OFA's web version of the UA Accounting and Administrative Manual

  Activity Codes

Purpose, guidelines, current listings and instructions for requesting a new activity code

  Banner Finance

Page elements, naming convention and UAF accounting structure plus tools for researching finance transactions and documents

  Excel Macros

Coverts a column of data to a single cell with commas and parentheses to easily insert into a TOAD query

  Factual Fridays

Open forum with our office to ask questions, get help, collaborate with other departments and more.

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  Finance Google Group

Join the "UAF Financial Services" Google group to stay up-to-date on UAF finance information and procedures

  Financial Exigency

Announcements and information from UA's FY20 financial exigency

  Financial Manager Meeting

Monthly meeting for UAF Financial Managers to provide updates and announcements in an open forum atmosphere

  Match Funds

Information on the purpose and use of UA match funds including transfer guidelines

  Month-End Schedule (PDF)

Month-end close dates plus JV and external feed deadlines for the current fiscal year

  Multi-Year Events

Set up a unique fund to track revenue and expenditure activity associated with a special event that spans multiple fiscal years

  Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Override

Overview of and override procedures for NSF flags in Banner finance

  Program Code Compliance

Proactively identify and correct mismatches before they show up on the SW compliance review

  QMenu (QAdhoc) Quick Link

Web interfaces to the Decision Support Database (commonly referred to as "DSD," "RPTP" or "data warehouse")

  Recharge Centers

Rate proposal requirements and tools plus general information on the "what" and "why"

  Reimbursable Service Agreements

Contractual agreements between an appropriation requesting a service and an appropriation providing a service

  Rule Class Codes

Acronym definition for document types used in Banner


Tool used to access information from Banner tables to customize reports and eliminate repetitive steps in Excel

  VistaPlus Quick Link

Client server application for distributing, viewing and managing reports online

  Working Capital Agreement

UAF process standards and WCA request form

  Year-End Information

Key dates and instructions for year-end closing process




Budget & Labor

  Budget Revision

Move budget authority (expenditure, revenue or both) between allocations, NCHEMS, funds, orgs, accounts and/or program codes

  Continuation Budget

Important aspects of budgeting and endeavors to guide fiscal managers through the continuation process plus access to the continuation files

  Faculty Time-Off Calendar

Used to calculate salaries when preparing management reports (accessed through a restricted Google drive)


Correct fund, organization, account and program code errors for labor charged in a prior fiscal year

  Labor Redistribution

Correct fund, organization, account and program code errors for labor charged in the current fiscal year

  Management Report Prep

Year-to-date data used in the management report and tools to assist Financial Managers with preparation of their reports

  Pay Factor Calculator (Excel)

Quickly calculate the number of pay periods based on a begin and end date of a position, or determine the end date based on the begin date and number of factors

  Pay Factor Executable File

Download the executable file
Note: You will receive a message from antivirus software warning you about the use of this file. Use the Excel version if you are uncomfortable downloading it to your computer.

  Position Management

Necessary tools to stay on top of the constantly changing atmosphere associated with position management

  Unreserved Fund Balance

UFB management principles and UFB calculator



Payments & Transactions

  Cash Advances

Request and reconcile travel and non-travel cash advances

  Direct Deposit Vendor List (Excel)

Current listing of all vendors set up with direct deposit


Issue payment for a research award to students and non-students

  Foreign Checks

Acceptance policies for payments from foreign entities

  Journal Vouchers

Process current accounting entries, allocations and corrections

  Non-Cash Gifts/Awards & Raffles

Definitions, policies and reporting requirements

  Payment Processing

Process payments through a Purchase Order or direct pay

  Payments to Employees

Employee reimbursements for business expenses including local mileage

  Payments to Students

Options for issuing payments to students: assistantships, scholarships and fellowships

  Payments for Utility Services

Set up payments for on-going support services that do not require quotes or bids

  Rep Allowance Expenses

Processes and requirements for entertainment, gift and meal expenses

  Tax Reporting (Non-Payroll)

Information on Non-Resident Alien Tax (NRAT) and 1099-MISC reporting

  Unidentified Checks & ACH Deposits

Unidentified payments received via check or ACH deposits

  Vendor Payment Options

Electronic payment options for vendors: direct deposit & single-use accounts card

  Wire Transfers

Request payment issuance via outgoing wire transfer