Working Capital Agreement

UAF facilitates the long-term finance strategies of its programs through the use of working capital agreements (WCA). Such agreements are typically internal to the institution and make use of the financial flexibility managed into the fixed cost structure of the university. UAF's capacity to maintain and employ the use of this tool is contingent upon balancing long-term inputs and disbursements.

It is crucial that all units enter into any such agreement fully committed to maintain the agreed schedule.

There are situations where UAF does not have the capacity to provide necessary funding. If the Vice Chancellor determines that the project warrants funding consideration, then UAF may choose to seek other financing options (such as a WCA through statewide or an external financing agreement). In such situations, the unit is responsible for any associated financing fees and interest. 

Review the process standards and complete the WCA questionnaire with as much information and backup as necessary to allow for a thorough review. A representative from Financial Services will follow up to finalize the details.


Our staff are happy to answer questions and help navigate the WCA process.